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Pro Process - Your key to success
Control is good. Precise, proficient processes are better.
You reach prefect quality at low costs only with perfect processes. How is this achieved? With the support and the comprehensive know-how from Pro Process [more]


Why are we the perfect consultant for you?
... Because we combine commercial methodological skills with solid knowledge about products and processes in the dairy industry.
... Because of our practical experience ...


Examples from practical experiences:
A large cheese producer was confronted with an unsatisfied customer: Even though the quality of the dry matter was, on average, satisfactory, there were again and again deviations beyond the threshold limit. The company assigned Pro Process with the process optimization... [more]


Rate of failure was further reduced with the Six Sigma method ... through process optimization, we have strongly improved in all areas of quality ... The right way - Six Sigma methods improve processes and products ... With Six Sigma and Pro Process towards success ... [more]

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a structured and extremely effective method for improving processes and products. There are two main goals: First, there should be an enhancement in quality and second, there should be a reduction in costs and through this the profitability should increase... [more]


On the Download-page, you will find up-to-date publications from our company... [more]