Dairy Industry Technology

Dairy products! Like no other food product, dairy products stand for taste, enjoyment and good health in the eyes of consumers. The demands made to the dairy industry are correspondingly high. Whoever wants to permanently succeed in the dairy business under difficult conditions has to be able to perfectly master their products and processes.

Pro Process supports you by optimizing your products and processes. Our wide dairy technology know-how helps us to achieve this goal efficiently. Consequently we are able to develop lasting solutions to problems that may occur during the production of dairy products.

The core areas are: 

  • Optimization of existing technologies as well as
  • Practical implementation of and compliance with strict hygiene requirements ("Food 5S")
  • Introduction of new products suitable to your production facilities often combined with the implementation and monitoring of innovative production equipment.
  • We also establish process flow designs of dairy processes for our customers.

From practical experience to practical use. As a result of our many years of experience in the dairy industry, the branch-specific problems and issues are familiar to us.