Six Sigma

What is Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is a stuctured and extremely effective method for improving processes and products.

There are two main goals:
First there should be an enhancement in quality and second there should be a reduction in costs and through this profitability should increase.

Unlike the classical quality assurance, which focuses on identifying mistakes and correcting them afterwards, from the beginning on Six Sigma aims at delivering only results which completely correspond to the defined demands. Comprehensive statistical analyses of every single production step are the basis of this method. Pro Process will assume this task for you.
Six Sigma bases quality on a sound foundation of facts and figures.


The US American group General Electric started applying Six Sigma on a large scale in 1996 under its legendary CEO Jack Welch and was therefore one of the first enterprises to apply Six Sigma. It brought them sweeping success: »In 1998 we made $ 750 million on top of our investments thanks to savings related to Six Sigma  ...« says Jack Welch. No wonder other major corporations have wanted to learn from these winners. Meanwhile Six Sigma has established itself in many industrial and service groups. Up to now it has hardly been possible to apply Six Sigma for small to medium-sized companies as it requires wide methodological knowledge and statistical expertise. Finally you can follow suit and set the pace in terms of quality. 

Pro Process provides you with the required know-how and assists you step-by- step through the Six Sigma process.

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