Six Sigma – a success story

A large cheese producer was confronted with unsatisfied customers. Even though the quality of the dry matter was on average satisfactory, there were again and again deviations beyond the threshold limit. The company assigned Pro Process with the process optimization.

The Pro Process team examined each point of the process and each manufacturing step in terms of its effect on the cheese´s quality - with surprising results. There were for instance wide standard deviations in features such as temperature, air speed, times and staff. There was for example one worker who consistently produced above average quality products by simply letting the stirrer run longer during the mixing procedure and adding the amount of water not all at once but step by step. This and other findings were implemented in new standards. Today all of this company´s production parameters are defined and controlled in detail. The complete staff knows exactly what to pay attention to. Deviations are immediately recognized and preventively eliminated. The result: It was possible to reduce the standard deviation from 1.2 per cent to 0.4 per cent - a phenomenal improvement of 77 %! Results beyond the threshold limit do not exist anymore. This gives a savings in the sum of six digits every year. The manufacturer has become the quality leader of his branch with a double-digit increase in turnover.

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